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Msquared Art Exhibition 
Laughter and a meeting of minds brought us together and has sustained our lives for over twenty three years.
Since retirement and moving to Bradford on Avon twelve years ago we have shared a studio where we make art.
We have separate tables, Mary’s colourful, neat and ordered, Malcolms messy and spilling all over the place! We are both passionate about the need for playfulness and experimentation in the creative process and in
sustainability using preloved and discarded materials.
We support each other to provide the freedom and time needed to sustain our work. We share homemaking and each take responsibility for the cooking on a fortnightly basis - the only rules being ‘don’t interfere’ and ‘lump it or leave it’! Although Mary may sometimes reluctantly share ‘her’ materials, Malcolm is effuse in providing practical support and the use of ‘ours’. It works.

Mary Brading: Textile Art - Feeling The World Through Textures
I celebrate the natural world through fibres and textiles, inspired by organic and geometric patterns. My engagement with art began as a student where I studied art and mathematics. Whilst I taught art for a while, my
love of mathematics became my creative form and art faded into the background. Now retired, I have again embraced the warp and weft of textiles art. I wind, twist, weave and sculpt yarn. 
I fold, crumple, cut and layer textiles and I print, paint, stick and stitch to
create patterns. I revel in the possibilities and unpredictability of working in this dynamic way as it enables me to manipulate, explore and create new effects. It is light years away from the predictability of mathematics!
I have always delighted in rummaging through preloved textiles and scarves and collecting remnants of silk, wool, cotton, linen and organza. I love the textures and patterns that can be created with yarns and the meditative
feeling of using hand stitch. Out of these materials I try to create something of beauty, something that uplifts my spirit and reveals the enduring strength of the natural world.

Malcolm Ward: Mixed Up Art - Laughter and Fun
Laughing at yourself is an art! Artist are capable of making fun of themselves and their thoughts so please don’t take my art seriously - I don’t. I want to bring a smile, share an image and make art both fun, cheap to buy and dispose of when it no longer pleases.
From my teenage years I’ve wanted art on my walls and around me where ever I have lived. I could never afford it so I have created art for myself. In the last few years I’ve become trendy as I increasingly upcycle, reuse and
recycle ‘stuff’.
I have enjoyed the process of making art, the random themes, some of which are on display, and I hope you will get some enjoyment from looking. All are for sale, All can be bought paid for and taken away.
Thanks for looking