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We are so excited to share with you some success stories of our local artists.

We are passionate in supporting local talent, encouraging creatives to take the leap and become professional artists.

Maria Van-Tintelen - My Court Street Journey

I met Alex and Jen in 2018, they had just taken over court street and had just started on the transformation on the building. They have turned it into a warm and inviting space to run workshops and hold exhibitions, with a big focus on bringing community together.

maria 3

The Court street gallery is a community! I have been running workshops there since 2018, and more recently started Art space, a growing community of creatives at all levels. My student’s find court street a safe and inspiring space to express themselves. I’m always supported by the court street team as a workshop facilitator and have everything I need to run the workshops.

maria 2

In March 2019 I held my first solo exhibition at the court street and a joint exhibition with Laura Richards in December 2019. It was the start of an amazing journey. The support and encouragement I have had from the team at court street, have been vital to my growing confidence and the moving forward with my art. When you exhibit with the court street gallery you get so much more than wall space. Their commitment to help and support local artists is exceptional.

maria 4

In the summer 2018 I was involved in the arts trail in bath creating a owlet for charity .I won first place at “Anything goes 2019 online art competition “and, I also won people’s choice with my painting “Safe Harbour “at the town hall arts Trowbridge. I know I wouldn’t of entered external exhibitions but for my wonderful experience of exhibitions at the court street gallery and, the support they have given me, I highly recommend the court street gallery.

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Joanne Spencer - My Court Street Journey

I retired from Wiltshire Police in February 2017, I’d been a police officer all my life and now, age 51, I had the opportunity to start a new career and do something else - my only issue was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
I always liked being creative and had dabbled in
various hobbies, including Tiffany glass making, I’d
seen Alex’s glass in the Peacock Arts Trail and she
was offering courses and that was the first step
onto the ladder of my new life.

jo spencer story pic 1.jpg

I can’t remember the date I did my first glass course at Court Street, it was making a flower for the garden, in total I have 3 flowers for the garden now, which obviously means I kept going back to see Alex and Court Street.

I was chatting to Alex and she suggested I might
consider teaching some Gelli print courses, and Gelli Plate Jo was born.

jo spencer story pic 3.jpg
jo spencer story pic 2.jpg

I was pushing forward as a printer and Alex
suggested that I apply to sell through Made in
Bradford on Avon, I was accepted and they now stock my prints and some paintings.

In June 2019 I had my first solo exhibition, it was, of course, at Court Street Gallery, supported by Alex, Jen and Marlene, and the very understanding Mr Spencer.

jo spencer story pic 4.jpg

I entered the Oexmann Art Competition and my print, Salisbury Cathedral was exhibited in the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes as a result of this, and I also entered the Pound Arts Centre Competition and Autumn Birches was exhibited in the Pound as a result of this.

I have sold several of my prints now, entered into a business partnership with a local company to produce cards from my artwork and have an online shop selling my art.

I love my second career as an artist.
The other side of Court Street is I have made some really lovely friends, obvs Alex, who has pushed me in the right direction, Jen and Marlene, but also Chris, Linda and Cath to mention a few.

jo spencer story pic 7.jpg
jo spencer story pic 5.jpg

Court Street is one of the things I have missed most over the lock down, walking in the doors and being made so welcome, catching up with friends, seeing the different courses and exhibitions and just feeling inspired by being there.

Thank you Court Street, and all who pass through
that blue door. X

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